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An effective consumer database is not only defined by the quality and relevance of the information it contains, but also by the tools that allow this data to be collected quickly and without mistakes.

An authentic source of data

Since November 2010, most of the Belgian population, along with the foreign residents, have an electronic ID card in their wallet. It offers all the guarantees of an authentic source of data as the information it contains is certified by the municipal authorities issuing it. It is, therefore, the ideal source by which to create a consumer database with exact, relevant data, making for a very practical solution for its users.

The reading of the eID is very quick indeed!

It only takes a moment to acquire your consumer's details. an eID card reader takes just two to four seconds to recover all the relevant information contained on the card, completely free from error: first name, surname, address, date and place of birth, gender and nationality.

Freedelity uses different mechanisms to enter the data into your database: on the one hand, it replaces loyalty cards with the eID, as a universal card, and on the other, it enables nomad data to be acquired on tablets such as the iPad™ or Surface™.

Enrich your consumer database

The data given on the eID constitute a starting point for your consumer database. Thanks to this, you can uniquely identify each consumer in your database. This unique identification of each consumer means that a consumer will never find himself registered multiple times in your database. This identification also allows us to update your consumer database in real time. You need merely ensure that you obtain the e-mail address and mobile telephone number of your consumers. Freedelity CRM has also implemented mechanisms enabling you to acquire all or part of your consumers' e-mail addresses and mobile telephone numbers.