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Freedelity CRM allows you to get to know your consumers. This knowledge of your consumers will allow you to better target your marketing messages. You can modulate your campaigns according to your consumers or groups of your consumers! Freedelity CRM will allow you to not only address your consumer personally but also to deliver the message adapted according to recent purchases made by a given consumer. Freedelity CRM enables you to make the move towards relationship and contextual marketing.

Target your communication campaigns

The communication platform built into Freedelity CRM gives you unprecedented flexibility through which to extract the most relevant information of your consumer database. Combine more than 60 selection criteria to precisely define your audience. If you have chosen to integrate your product catalogue within Freedelity CRM, you can launch targeted campaigns for consumers buying from a product range or a specific article. You can use this platform both in the form of a manual or automatic campaign on the basis of an event such as your consumer's birthday, reaching a level in your loyalty programme, etc.

Use different media

Most communication platforms are specialised on a specific channel. With the same facility, Freedelity CRM offers you e-mail, SMS or postal communication. You are free to choose the best channel for each of your campaigns: e-mail for newsletters or promotions, SMS text messages for flash announcements and, for example, customised mailings for invitations and the more exclusive advantages.

Plan then forget

The lives of your consumers are marked by events that allow you to remind them you exist: house moves, achieving a level in the loyalty programme, time since the last sale, etc. Freedelity CRM enables you to automate campaigns on these events in just a few clicks.

Analyse the ROI of your campaigns

Freedelity CRM gives you a huge array of reports and analyses that allow you to measure, for each manual or automatic campaign, the number of activated consumers, the turnover realised, the number of incorrect e-mails, the turnover realised according to consumer reviews, etc. Freedelity CRM also manages unsubscriptions, notifying you, the next time a consumer visits, if his e-mail address or mobile telephone number needs to be corrected!