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Freedelity's expertise in the retail and events sector has been proven time and time again. Our six years of experience in such varied sectors as are integrated CRM solutions, multi-channel communications platforms, the creation and optimisation of consumer databases and the development of tailor-made applications connected with the electronic ID card have made our business the privileged partner of your projects.

A little history...

Towards infinity and beyond!

After almost 18 months of preparation, Freedelity officially launches its activities and presents the very first version of its loyalty system.

July 2010

First major upgrade

This first upgrade will open the multi-channel communications platform and the first statistical and analytical reports. It has all been repositioned under the name of "Freedelity CRM".

May 2011

First eID reader on Android™

To mark the Student Days in Hasselt, Zep™ stores use Android™ tablets to collect data from the eID cards of students. Freedelity Formulars is born.

August 2011

First eID reader on iPad™

Freedelity Formulars is taken onto the iPad™ and the first eID reader for the apple tablets is made available to our clients.

January 2012

Second major upgrade

The second major upgrade of Freedelity CRM brings about automated communications, paperless gift vouchers and uses JavaT to read the eID on Windows with the publication of autonomous client software.

May 2012

Geolocated statistics

The analytical and statistics module is enhanced by numerous geolocated reports, offering users even greater knowledge of their consumers.

October 2012

Freedelity Formulars goes wireless

A major upgrade of Freedelity Formulars allows it to function without an internet connection and automatically synchronise the data collected as soon as a signal becomes available.

June 2013

The million!

A million consumers use Freedelity every day.

June 2014

MediaMarkt™ chooses Freedelity

The German retail giant chooses Freedelity to make their consumer product warranties paperless.

January 2015

And of two!

Less than a year after the first major threshold, Freedelity totals two million regular consumers.

April 2015

SEPA mandate and iPad™

In collaboration with Twikey™, and on behalf of Unicef, Freedelity develops the first SEPA transfer application for the iPad™, with mandate signature by means of eID card.

May 2015

What we do, we do best

The countless hours spent by our developers lovingly refining a piece of code or optimising the machine stamping of a solution has enabled us to establish new quality standards. Our libraries and our classes today enable a complete reading of the ID card in less than three seconds, where other market players rarely go below the ten second threshold. Clearly, whatever the user environment: Windows®, Linux, iOS® or Android™.

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Libraries and classes* or execution files** ready for use.
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Customised advice for your technological and strategic choices.

Tailor-made assistance in developing your projects.

The creation of mobile applications suited to your market.

... and much more besides.

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