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In deciding to integrate Freedelity CRM into your existing POS infrastructure, you choose effectiveness and simplicity. All the loyalty management functions of Freedelity CRM, from the simplest to the most complex, are accessible to you, from now on, thanks to one of the most complete APIs. Numerous cash register software programs, like Bob50, Winbooks Logistix, Mercator, AZ PosWin or Jamadata have already opted for Freedelity CRM to the greatest benefit of their customers.

A complete, comprehensive API

Our API, which is regularly updated according to the platform evolutions, offers access to more than 60 different Freedelity CRM functions. From identifying the consumer through to recording the sale (with or without details of products), the complete management of loyalty points and benefits through to the automatic sending of communications and management of consumer profiles, this REST type API assures you easy, user-friendly integration, whatever the technology behind your existing infrastructure.

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In entering details of your sales via the API, you benefit from far greater possibilities in terms of communication, statistics and analytical reports. You can not only precisely monitor flows of specific products, but also develop far more precise communication campaigns. A range of advantages that can guarantee you are able to offer a service of unparalleled quality to all your consumers.

A few references

We are committed to facilitating the integration of Freedelity CRM with the same care as we put into developing our solutions. The many publishers listed below, who have chosen to place their trust in us, are proof of this.

Do you have an e-Commerce website?

The integration of Freedelity CRM into an e-Commerce website is just as easy as in POS software. On a number of fronts, Freedelity CRM represents the missing link between the retail world and that of on-line trade, offering a corridor between the two universes, enabling you, for example, to reconcile your on-line customers and POS.