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The integration of Freedelity CRM into an e-Commerce website is just as easy as integrating it into POS software. On a number of fronts, Freedelity CRM represents the missing link between the retail world and that of on-line trade. Effectively, integrating Freedelity CRM into your e-Commerce website gives you a omnichannel gateway between the two worlds, enabling you, for example, to monitor your consumers at no effort, whether retail or on-line, or moving from one to the other, at whim.


Freedelity in PrestaShop

PrestaShop is an integrated e-Commerce solution that needs no introduction, offering a wealth of possibilities thanks to its huge library of extension modules. It is precisely through such a module that Freedelity CRM is available within PrestaShop and which allows you to correctly manage your consumers' loyalty. And, of course, the connection with Freedelity also gives you all the power of our CRM platform for an effective use of your data, parallel with PrestaShop.

Freedelity at MediaMarkt

The German giant, which has just refreshed its e-Commerce platform in Belgium, has made the most of the opportunity to integrate with Freedelity CRM. MediaMarkt consumers can already, thanks to Freedelity, make management of their warranties entirely paperless, with the same option also given them for on-line purchases. They also now have access to a more complete history of purchases and can, if they so wish, connect to an on-line MediaMarkt store using their electronic ID card.


So what are you waiting for?

The cases presented above are just some examples of what integration with Freedelity CRM means. Other important players in the sector (like Magento®, for example) are also being integrated. So, why not you? Focus on your core business and let Freedelity CRM help you offer your consumers powerful, user-friendly management of their benefits!