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Our solutions go beyond the heart of what is Freedelity CRM. Our applications are clearly part and parcel with loyalty and acquisition, but we have also made our expertise available to the benefit of other areas, such as authentication, nomadic digital signatures or secure browsing of e-government websites. And, of course, always with the intelligent use of the electronic ID card.

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My Freedelity

Your smart companion every day

With My Freedelity on your smartphone, your loyalty goes with you everywhere. Thanks to this application, you will not only keep an eye on all your paperless loyalty cards, but also, in just a few moments, find all businesses using Freedelity around you and obtain details on the advantages you benefit from there. It would take a huge effort to miss out on all the special offers available to you!

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Freedelity Formulars

The latest mobile acquisition solution

Enter the world of real mobile data acquisition. Collect your consumers' and prospects' data wherever you are: at a trade fair, a professional or private event, a public event or in your sales outlet. Customise our collection application with your colours and logo, add your questions, take amusing photographs, record voices, organise surveys and contests, and much more besides. The only limit to Freedelity Formulars is your imagination!

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Freedelity Secure Browser

Now, you can use your favourite device, wether it's Windows™, IOS® or Android™, to access the Tax-On-Web, eHealth and MyMinFin portals, authenticating your access using your eID and one of our mobile ID card readers. And for financial and accounting professionals, further resources requiring secure identification: InverVAT, TaxBoxWork, BizTax or FinProf. You can receive a power of attorney signed by the eID of your customers to make their declaration!

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But that is not all...

In addition to publicly available applications, we also like to develop tailor-made products for our partners. For example, we have created the very first SEPA direct debit payment solution for the iPad. This solution, developed in collaboration with Twikey, has enabled Unicef to collect donations in a series of actions with no need for anything but an iPad and an eID card reader.

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