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Your consumers are your potential turnover; this is why the use of a complete, relevant database is an undeniable asset in assessing the success of your business. In the 21st century, we have gone from a retail sector that was focussed on the product, to a retail sector that is focussed on the consumer.

Thanks to Freedelity CRM, you can establish or quickly revalidate a consumer database with the guarantee of having quality information thanks to the intelligent use of the electronic ID card as an authentic source of data. You can also make the most of our exclusive technology to automatically update your consumer database with no input on your part!

Orchestrate the loyalty of your consumers in a click!

A satisfied customer is a consumer who returns. And it is a lot less expensive to retain a loyal consumer than it is to acquire new consumers.

The Freedelity CRM loyalty management system provides you with the tools you need to deploy, organise, administrate and adapt your loyalty in an instant. We support the main programs used today: by points, by visits, direct or conditional reductions, all in offering a flexible, modular approach.

Offer your consumers timely or recurring advantages. Opt for a paperless loyalty card and gift cards, replacing them by a card your consumers always have in their wallet: their electronic ID card.

Integrated Freedelity CRM into your sales outlet and make the most of all its advantages.

By integrating Freedelity CRM into your infrastructure, you can secure the best consumer loyalty service on the market. Simply add a simple button to the user interface of your cash register software and our platform will do the rest to validate the data of your consumers, manage your loyalty programme and generate all reports useful to analysing your sales in-depth, your turnover or even identifying the most in-demand products in your sales points, in one click.