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Below are answers to the most commonly-asked questions about Freedelity. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us (using the contact form).

What exactly is on my electronic ID card?
The data given on the chip of your electronic ID card is, more or less, the same as given on the actual card, apart from your address, which is stored in numerical format only (enabling it to be updated without having to issue a new card). The remaining memory space is taken up by a computerised representation of your photograph and the different security certificates able to guarantee the authenticity and inviolability of your card.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
What do you read on my eID and what do you store in your system?
We read and store the public data of your card in our system; this means the data visible to the naked eye when looking at the back of the eID: surname, first name, gender, place and date of birth, nationality and card number. We also read and store the address of your domicile, which is on the chip. We associate your e-mail and mobile telephone number to this information in your profile (as long as you agree to share such with us, as this is not compulsory). In compliance with current legislation on the protection of privacy, we do not read, process or store your photograph or your national number. All data stored in our system is accessible to you from your Freedelity user account.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
What does Freedelity write on my eID?
We never write anything on the chip of your eID. We simply read the public data of your card and use it to create a key that can identify you uniquely in our system.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
Can anyone use my eID to hack into my bank account?
No. All use of the eID in a banking context involves identification and authentication via the PIN number. Even if your card is stolen, the thief will be unable to use it without said code. When using Freedelity, your data is protected against all fraudulent use. As only the public data is read on your card, there is no risk that the security certificates that authenticate your card and your identity could be stolen or counterfeited.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
Do I need my PIN number to use Freedelity?
As a consumer, in order to make a purchase and benefit from a loyalty programme, you have no need for your PIN code. By contrast, this code is required if you wish to consult your user account (where you can find the state of all loyalty programmes in which you are participating), connecting through an eID card reader. However, you can also connect to your account by using the user name and password you will receive automatically upon agreeing to share your e-mail address with one of our commercial partners.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
I have lost my PIN number or my eID is blocked. What do I do?
If you have mislaid the PIN number for your eID, if you have forgotten it or if you have entered an incorrect three times running (which will have blocked your card), you will need to either visit your municipality registry office or use the on-line application available at http://www.ibz.rrn.fgov.be/index.php?id=2698&L=0, on the Federal Public Home Affairs Service, to request that your PIN and PUK numbers are re-issued (the PUK number is used to be able to release your card after several incorrect PIN numbers have been entered consecutively). Please note that under no circumstances will Freedelity be able to help you with this, as only the municipal and/or federal authorities have the power to do so.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
How much will using Freedelity cost me?
As a consumer, absolutely nothing. As you already have your electronic ID card in your wallet, its use as a loyalty card will always be free of charge.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
Can my medical records be accessed using my eID?
In 2014, the SIS card was replaced at doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, by the electronic ID card. This change does not add any information to the chip of your eID card, as the very small memory capacity of this chip does not allow for any additional data, over and above that already present, to be stored there. Only your national number is used by the competent authorities and services to identify you and access your medical records in the authorised computer systems. This access is, moreover, strictly limited and is restricted to healthcare professionals only - this is not the case of Freedelity, which therefore has no access to any such confidential information.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
How can I find out what information has been collected about me?
When you connect to our website (using your eID, or your username and password), you have access to your consumer profile. This provides you, in a simple format, with all the information collected during the use of Freedelity. Some of this information (like that collected via the card) cannot be altered. Other parts (your password, your e-mail address and your mobile telephone number, if you have shared them) can be edited as you wish.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
What happens if my ID card is stolen (or I lose it)?
If your card disappears, this changes nothing. After having reported the theft or loss, you will receive a new card. You simply need to put it into the terminal of one of our commercial partners you can use to connect to your personal account and it will be automatically activated on our system and you will instantly find all your loyalty points, in a completely transparent manner. And the first time you use your new card, the old one will be automatically blocked on our systems.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
Can the trader have me sign a document without realising it?
No. Just like for the risk of banking fraud, the electronic signature of documents requires the specific use of the PIN number. As you are never required to input the code when using your eID to make purchases, there is no risk of anyone having you sign any document without your knowledge.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
How can I check my personal data?
By using your personal user account, you can enable or disable the different communication channels as you wish, as available to traders and consumers: post, e-mail and mobile telephone number. You simply need to access your user account and check (or uncheck) the corresponding icons and the change is immediate. You can also store a different rule for each commercial operation: for example, you can authorise a trader to use your postal address, whereas a different trader may only be authorised to use your mobile telephone number, and a third your e-mail address - simply by disabling the relevant channels at any time.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
Why does the trader ask if I want to share my e-mail address?
By default, access to your user account requires the use of an eID card reader. If you do not have any such reader, or if you wish to do without accessing your account, you need merely share your e-mail address with any of our commercial partners and you will instantly receive a message specifying a username and password that you can use to connect without using your eID.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
If I give my e-mail to a trader, will all the others have access to it?
No, not at all. The information collected by a trader - including your e-mail address - can only be used by him and him alone. Use of Freedelity is segmented and secured, meaning that each trader can only access the data on his clients, and never that of clients of other participating traders. In any case, you always have the option, at any time, of deactivating the communication channels of your choice, trader-by-trader and channel-by-channel. And, in addition to these already considerable measures, we have also added a supplementary security level, whereby the trader never has access to your exact e-mail address. In lieu of this, an address stored virtually on our system is used and given to him. At each sending of a message, we check that you have authorised being contacted. If not, the communication will be cancelled immediately.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
Do you store the national number?
No, not at all. In compliance with current legislation, we do not store nor use the national number.
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
Does the eID make it possible to monitor my movements and actions by satellite?
At the risk of disappointing the many fans of science fiction and technological thrillers... No! Unfortunately, the technology used in your electronic ID card is not yet sufficiently powerful to integrate a GPS chip or ensure satellite connection. Go on, admit it: you are disappointed!
Last upgrade:  15/08/2015
How can I exercise my right to consult and/or delete my data?
In compliance with the law, you have complete access to your data and all use of such under the scope of the use of our system. Through your user account, you can edit any of your editable data, as you wish. You can also ask that your data be removed entirely from our system. You can do this by post, attaching a copy of the front of your ID card, sending the letter to the address given below, or by e-mail, sending us your request to the address vieprivee@freedelity.be. In both cases, we will cancel your user account within 30 days.

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