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Both Freedelity SA and the site user shall observe the provisions of the Act dated 08 Dec 1992 on the protection of privacy where processing of personal data is concerned.

Your privacy is important to Freedelity SA, who will protect and maintain the confidentiality of personal data collected through this site. Freedelity SA has compiled a Code of Conduct for protection of personal data in accordance with ?Loi sur la Protection des Renseignements Privés et les Documents Electroniques? [Act governing Protection of Personal Data and Electronic Documents]. It is important for customers and visitors to be aware of policy and practices on site ownership in respect of the protection of personal data, and their rights relating to personal data that are collected, used and transmitted.

By accessing this site or authorising your personal data to be read by forms, or automated data-capture from an electronic identity card, you hereby agree that Freedelity SA may collect and use information relating to you.

Moreover, Freedelity SA hereby reserves the right to amend its policy on use of personal data at any time, while continuing to comply with ?Loi sur la Protection des Renseignements Privés et les Documents Electroniques?. Such amendments, additions or deletions shall take effect immediately they are notified. Using our site after such notification implies that you accept our policy amendments, additions or deletions. For further information on this subject, please consult our general terms and conditions of the site and its services.


Freedelity SA is likely to collect the following information in the course of its communication activities through the site:
  1. Information of a personal nature, by forms or automated data-capture from the visitor's electronic identity card: forename and family name, address, gender, date and place of birth, nationality, telephone number, e-mail address, electronic identity card number;
  2. Information of commercial nature, through our trading partners: purchase history from the stores that have chosen to share this information with Freedelity;
  3. Information of a technical nature, through the site itself: IP address, type of browser, operating system, geographical location, or other information that may be used for internal assessment, analysis or marketing purposes.


By using this site, you hereby authorise Freedelity SA to collect the information described above and to transmit it to its members and partners, and you agree that the information may be used for the purposes intended and expected by Freedelity SA's business. Furthermore, by using the services of Freedelity SA through one of its members or partners, you hereby agree that your details will be updated by all members or partners through whom you also use the services of Freedelity SA. Your data will be kept completely confidential and will be secure: however, Freedelity SA is likely to share your data, in whole or in part, in the following cases:

  1. to provide the services expected when using this site;
  2. to observe or continue to observe applicable legislation;
  3. to protect or defend its rights and/or property;
  4. to track and ensure observation of the procedures for using the site;
  5. to protect or defend the legitimate interests of its members or partners.


Certain information and data of a non-personal nature may be collected automatically in the normal course of using the site or using cookies. Freedelity SA limits use of cookies to the absolute minimum, purely for the purposes of operating the site. The cookies used by Freedelity SA are used to track the behaviour of site users for subsequent analysis purposes, and/or to store your user preferences. In themselves, cookies may not be used to disclose your personal identity. Personal data to which they have access cannot identify you, and cannot extract information from your hard disk.

If you do not wish to have data collected by cookies, you may deactivate the relevant function in your browser. However, if you do this, you may not be able to access certain site functions, and Freedelity SA cannot assume any inherent liability.


You may ask not to receive information of a promotional or sales nature. Similarly, you may ask to inspect data relating to you held by Freedelity SA. To do this, you may notify your decision by e-mailing: vieprivee@freedelity.be.


Under current legislation, Freedelity SA's business is subject to a data-processing declaration made to ?Commission de la Protection de la Vie Privée? [Privacy Protection Committee], freely available for consultation on its site.