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Is your wallet overflowing
with loyalty cards?

Make the move to Freedelity!

Freedelity is the practical, intelligent loyalty card that guarantees the protection of your personal data, whilst offering you a range of advantages with more than 800 traders in Belgium. This loyalty card is already in your wallet.

What is this Freedelity?

It is your electronic ID card that can replace the multiple loyalty cards in your wallet for use in adhering businesses. You will always have it with you.

Freedelity is also a simple, practical on-line account to allow you to immediately find all your loyalty points with adhering businesses. You can control exactly which traders use your data.

Finally, there is a mobile application for your smartphone (iPhoneT or Android™), which tells you about all the discount plans concerning you!

With " My Freedelity " on your smartphone, your loyalty cards go with you everywhere. Thanks to this application, you will not only keep an eye on all your "virtual" loyalty cards, but also, in just a few moments, find all businesses using Freedelity around you and obtain details on the advantages you benefit from there.

   iPhone™    Android™

How does it work?

It's easy

From the first time you visit one of our participating businesses, you swipe your electronic ID card in the reader to identify yourself or create your account.

It's quick

At the same time, you complete your account with your e-mail address and mobile telephone number. This is the only information the trader will ask for.

It's smart

Thereafter, each time you visit a participating business, you give your ID card to validate your purchases. It's quick and your benefits are booked.

Its secure

With your Freedelity, you decide which businesses can use your personal data and how it will be used.


Your account, your rules

In your on-line Freedelity account, everything is organised so that you can quickly find all your virtual loyalty cards. In a simple click, you decide who has the right to send you mailings, e-mails or text messages. Just as easily, you can access your buying history in each business where your ID card has been used as a loyalty card. You can also find practical details on your businesses, like opening hours, details of the loyalty programme and the itinerary of each sales outlet. And, finally, if you should so decide, a single click will allow you to leave the loyalty programme of a given brand, with no further formalities.

Always with you

Today, there are more than 800 sales outlets in Belgium, offering to simplify your life by using your ID card as a loyalty card. These brands, the number of which increases every day, include some very well-known names like MediaMarkt, Jouets Broze, Jean-Claude Biguine, 1001 Pattes, etc. The list of our participating businesses allows you to quickly find all the useful information you need on the stores close to you - not to mention our mobile application, which gives you the same information wherever you are!


Still got questions?

Take a look at our FAQs section. There, you are sure to find the information you are missing. And if you don't, you can send us a message we will be happy to answer.